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Welcome Home to Family Radio 316

This is a place where we seek to reveal to you the wonderful heart of Jesus as we continue to discover it ourselves. Feel safe and loved as you lose yourself in the best of Christian music plus wholesome entertainment as you draw closer to the heart of Jesus. Let him melt away your pain, amplify your joy and strengthen your hope.

Here, you will find a voice of breakthrough within our music, our sermons, short messages as well as our presenters who have a heart of encouragement and believe in the transformative work of the cross and the power of the resurrection. This is not just a station to hear great Christian music, not just another place with presenters, but this; is a place you and your whole family can call home. This, is your family Radio 316

Catch of the week

Deeper by Meredith Andrews

Meredith Andrews' new album "Deeper" came out of a cauldron of trials and testings. It took her three years to (finally) serve us with this set. Expectations were lofty: it is supposed to be one of those albums that delve us deeper into God's providence in the midst of suffering offering new vocabulary that expands our lexicon of worship. However, after repeated listening (with great emphasis on the word "repeated"), the album still fails to ignite any sparks of ingenuity, creativity, and an urgent desire to return to.

The major fault of the record is that Andrews gets caught in the tangle of today's current contemporary worship too much that she slothfully borrows too many of the standard riffs, tropes, clichés, and melodic structures. Place "Deeper" side by side with the latest worship albums by Christy Nockels, Misty Edwards, and Steffany Gretzinger, and "Deeper" anonymously blends into the fold without causing much of an impression.

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