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Welcome Home to Family Radio 316

This is a place where we seek to reveal to you the wonderful heart of Jesus as we continue to discover it ourselves. Feel safe and loved as you lose yourself in the best of Christian music plus wholesome entertainment as you draw closer to the heart of Jesus. Let him melt away your pain, amplify your joy and strengthen your hope.

Here, you will find a voice of breakthrough within our music, our sermons, short messages as well as our presenters who have a heart of encouragement and believe in the transformative work of the cross and the power of the resurrection. This is not just a station to hear great Christian music, not just another place with presenters, but this; is a place you and your whole family can call home. This, is your family Radio 316

Catch of the week

Oxygen by Lincoln Brewster

This album is outstanding in the writing, message, performance and melody. It has many new textures and layers of Lincoln's growth as an artist.You can see how God used Lincoln through some tragedy for a really strong message filled album! There is still plenty of Guitar on tap. But it is more textured and is more melodically captured throughout for just the right amount needed to serve the songs. There is still some cool shredding and beautiful guitar sustaining notes. Check out the solo on "Whole Again" beautiful emoting solo. Or the shred happy solo on "On our Side. Enjoy this fun energetic uplifting Spirit filled album!! It won't disappoint.

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